What is RM Licensing?

What is RM Licensing? *Rights Managed Art Licensing

Rights Managed is a form of fixed-fee art licensing that stipulates non-exclusive use of the artwork for a specified product, for a defined term and in a certain territory (North America or Worldwide). There are no requirements for additional royalties, but, unlike Royalty-Free licensing, the artist’s rights and perceived value of the artwork are protected.

What is a Licensing Catalog? **Licensing Catalog Art Licensing

1) some licensees do “print on demand” and want a large catalog of images so their customers have choices. They cannot afford to pay a full fee for offering many images, so we will license low quality thumbnails for catalog use for a small monthly fee per image, and only provide an artmaster file on demand and after payment of the normal RM fee for their usage category. 2) the catalog fee for print-on-demand is very small – around 5 cents per image per month – and is not commissionable, since it’s purpose is to cover our set-up costs. In many instances, the licensee refuses to pay ANY fee – we will not agree to licenses in these cases unless the artist agrees to pay the catalog fee. Your royalty is paid when/if your image is actually licensed for publication and the artmaster fee is paid.


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